Downloadable PDF Forms
For the convenience of our clients, the following forms are downloadable PDFs. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call us at 800-443-7624.

Please click on the name of the form to open the PDF.

ACH Authorization Form  This form provides standing instructions linking your bank account to the brokerage account.

IRA Designation of Beneficiary  Use this form to designate or make changes to your primary and contingent beneficiaries.

IRA Contributions. Please note there are 2 ways to make an IRA contribution:
1.  If you're writing a check, use this IRA Contribution Form
2.  If you are transferring assets from one St. Germain account to another, 
use this Asset Movement Form

IRA Distribution Form  Complete this form when you need to distribute assets from your SEP IRA, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Education Savings Accounts, Inherited IRA and Inherited ESA account[s].

Online Account Access  Completing this form gives you the ability to check your accounts online.

Change of Address Form  Use this form to make a permanent or seasonal change in your mailing address.

Select Link If you have multiple accounts and prefer receiving the statements in one mailing [envelope], please use this form.